The 'gloriously macabre' Darktales is the creepiest show at the Edinburgh Fringe!

This chilling, psychological thriller explores the myths and the stories that scare us at night, and two men who write them: Alex Crowley, who lectures about creative writing in the horror genre, and Jack Langton, a past student.

Their conversation becomes a sinister exchange, a dark rivalry – but the men are linked by more than their writing – there is a strong smell of sexual jealousy…

Confronting each other by demonstrating the power of each of their writing styles, slowly reveals a dark secret, leading to a terrifying conclusion

TIM ARTHUR’s revised version of the script that spooked Fringe audiences 21 years ago, updates the story for new audiences, but its haunting tales remain as chilling and as unsettling as before. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft you may think you know where Darktales is going, but it has surprises and twists up its sleeve. 


darktales landscape poster

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