Best Actor in a Play - ANDREW PAUL
Best Actress in a Play - CARRIE MARX
Best Supporting Performance - SEAN WARD
Best Director - DAN CLARKSON


"Immediately evokes a chilling atmosphere… 
genuinely unnerving and creepy…
delivers the thrills and chills that make for a good night of horror" 

The List

"Genuine moments of dark comedy, mixed with intelligent writing,
allows for a production which stands out… a gripping yarn,
soaked in gothic richness and urban legend…
the lighting designed by Mike Robertson,
in tandem with Simon Slater’s sound design,
elevates Darktales into a whole new creative level
…a gloriously macabre piece" 

TV Bomb

"If horror is your thing, this is a must-watch for this year’s Fringe.
For those less keen on the genre, this is a well-scripted and well-acted production.
An accomplished piece of storytelling, which seamlessly weaves together stories
while skilfully managing to subvert and play with its audience’s expectations until the very end."

"Enjoyably Gothic thriller. Tim Arthur’s play—an updated version of his Fringe hit from 21 years ago—keeps you guessing, with those ghostly interludes cueing you up to suspect foul play. Andrew Paul is excellent as Alex, walking the line between amiable and ominous in an enjoyably gothic entertainment."


"Chills the heart and stirs the soul. A thoroughly effective spookfest which chills the heart and stirs the soul. Nothing is what it seems in this production, and that's as it should be. From the outset, a deliciously queasy, uncanny atmosphere is built up, first by the beautifully gothic set, stuffed with haunted house iconography such as mannequin heads, fallen chandeliers and dusty library books, and then by the introductory ghost story told by Crowley to the audience from a darkened staged. As truths spill out and grudges are revealed, you think you know where it's going, but there's a deftness in Arthur's script which keeps you on your toes. When the grand finale comes, it's worth the wait and does not disappoint. A suitably spooky hour of dark and unsettling theatre."

Steve Stratford Reviews

"TOP TIP. Andrew Paul (Alex) is given the opportunity to make an immediate impression as the embittered Alex with his opening monologue, and flitting between styles Darktales keeps the audience and the performers on their toes, the stories offered by the two men of a markedly different style, one a traditional ghost story and the other graphically modern… a stage which speaks of decay, dimmed lights and a broken chandelier, stuffed birds with black wings outstretched in motionless flight, an array of cabinets from which bulge unidentifiable items, while the scratchy sound of static fills the air… Despite Alex’s admission that he has stolen from Saki, Poe, Lovecraft, Hallowe’en and Friday the 13th this is a well constructed and performed show which will appeal to aficionados of all those diverse influences."

Geek Chocolate

"Horror-thriller Darktales is the scariest show at the Fringe! TIM ARTHUR’s revised version of the script that terrified Fringe audiences updates the story for new audiences, but its haunting tales remain as chilling and as terrifying as before. Drawing inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft you may think you know where Darktales is going, but it has scary surprises and twists up its sleeve."

"An entertaining piece that will keep its audiences guessing right up until the end… genuinely shocking and provides the unexpected twist which is a requirement of the genre."

Edinburgh Guide


OMG @DarktalesPlay was absolutely brilliant @seanjward Fantastic
Anyone who has the chance to see it GO!! #wontbedisappointed


Great afternoon scares at the #EdFringe. Gave me the shivers.


Great first day in Edinburgh, @DarktalesPlay was especially good
(creepy as hell but really good!!)


Last week of @DarktalesPlay and we saw it as our first show at the fringe.


Really enjoyed @DarktalesPlay @edfringe the only play I've paid full price for!
A mix between ghost tales & deathtrap & strong performances


Incredible play! Incredible acting,
feel like I will repeat the "S'me" story one late night!


By the pricking of my thumbs, years of anger and resentment this way comes...
@DarktalesPlay, an #EdFringe top tip


Absolutely Brilliant!


Had an unnerving atmosphere with three brilliant performances, I was really drawn in. Satisfyingly creepy.


It's a good job @DarktalesPlay is on in daylight - great writing, great acting and properly spooky.


Not usually horror fans but @DarktalesPlay was incredible.
Intriguing, sinister, creepy with an unexpected twist. Loved it.


Our top 4 picks of #EdFringe - brilliantly written, chilling, great performances


Great performances, l couldn't second guess where it was going
& felt genuinely unsettled by the end! Loved it!


Had me shivering in my seat...a delightfully spooky tale!


Beautifully crafted with chilling storytelling &
excellent performances by @andrewpaul61 & @seanjward. Watch it


Outstanding performance today
@seanjward you had me on the edge of my seat and what an ending!


Thanks @DarktalesPlay I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.
Superb production, chilling to the bone. #edfringe


Outstanding performance by @andrewpaul61 in @DarktalesPlay
If you want to see some classy chilling theatre see this show!


A modern gothic beauty


Great performance of @DarktalesPlay Creepy, sinister & a little spooky.
Highly recommend it. Produced by the wonderful @BeckmanUnicorn


Truly exceptional piece of theatre. Chilling, yet captivating.
If you only see one thing at #edfringe it's got to be this!


Most definitely my pick of #edfringe


if you want a super spooky psychological thriller this is the play for you!


Had me shivering in my seat...a delightfully spooky tale!


Creepy, unsettling and makes you jump. Cleverly written and performed.
I was trying not to make my friend jump in his seat during the performance.
Its name is justified.


Best play at festival. scared me!!! Brilliant


Go see @DarktalesPlay if you can. I want to see it again - chilling to watch 


Really enjoyed Darktales tonight.
Terrific performances from Andrew Paul, Sean Ward & Carrie Marx! 


Well done to everyone involved in @DarktalesPlay!! Didn't see the end coming


This is a stonker of a show. A #MustSee for anyone at #edfringe2016


Loved @DarktalesPlay @ThePleasance this evening.
Dark, exciting and suitably surprising.


Enjoyed a night of horror on Friday thanks to @DarktalesPlay 


Eek, watching with bated breath. @DarktalesPlay was SO GOOD.
Most definitely my pick of #edfringe


GO SEE @DarktalesPlay! @andrewpaul61 @carriemarx & @seanjward
directed by @Daniel_Veronica.
Could not be more perfect! Morbidly wonderful!


Beautifully written by @TimTigArthur and performed
by @seanjward and @andrewpaul61. 
Fab production, do get yer arses along!


Thank you for absolutely terrifying me at the @edfringe !!!
Best show going!


@DarktalesPlay is everything I adore about the Fringe.


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